RPT Level 2 (Norway)

Årnes, Norway
14/02/2019 - 17/02/2019


14 February 2019 to 17 Feb 2019.

Local organizer:

Azaris Fredriksen

Total Value: NOK 5400

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Level 2 RPT is our most popular course because it takes you on a unique journey that seems to turn the very concept of therapy inside out. On this course you will learn how to apply the RPT techniques (from Level 1) in innovative new ways to achieve extra-ordinary results. This is literally something unique – there are countless therapies in the world, but absolutely nothing like this.

The course is broken into four distinct sections which are best described separately:

  • The Art of Re-Conception
  • The Key Developmental Events Model
  • The easy way to heal Birth Trauma
  • The Journey of the Soul (a powerful metaphorical journey)