My name is Marina, I’m a RPT trainer from Russia. I now live most of the year in Luxemburg. I am teaching RPT here, as well as in the neighboring countries – Belgium, France and Germany.

My first diploma was in journalism – I was graduated from The Moscow State University, faculty of Radio and Television. I worked for 30 years in different media in Moscow and London – BBC, Radio Russia, All Russia broadcasting company, etc. I worked as presenter in open air programs, chief of the department of current affairs, interviewer of celebrities. That experience made me crave a deeper understanding of people and their needs, so I started to study psychology. While exploring the most effective methods I found RPT. I immediately understood that this is an amazingly effective healing technique which gives much better results than the others.



    In my practice I successfully transform negative feelings such as stress, tension; traumatic experiences – loss, accident, betrayal; different phobias; unwanted behavior and habits; panic attacks; harmful patterns of relationships; some physical illnesses.
    Some example of my recent successful client stories – releasing obsessions, anxieties, fears. Great results with quitting smoking, gaining a relaxed and calm condition, gettting rid of fears to fly by plane, being in public, public speaking, starting new relationships, etc.